Fired, known in the web as Downsizing, is an episode on Dinosaur Office.


Craig worries about job security. Rawr!


  • Craig: I can't believe Hawaiian Shirt Day isn't until the 20th—I'm so embarrassed.
  • Terry: (opens the door) Hey, Richard, can I, uh, can I see you in my office? (Richard goes to Terry's office and closes the door)
  • Craig: (to Sheila) What's that all about?
  • Sheila: I bet it's downsizing. Last week, Terry ate the market into carpet.
  • Todd: They weren't hitting their numbers.
  • Terry: (to Sheila; opens the door) Sheila, can I have a word?
  • Sheila: I should have used my vacation days when I had the chance. (closes the door)
  • Todd: She didn't have what it takes to survive in the cut-throat world of business.
  • Craig: Terry will eat me for sure. What was "Today is Hawaiian Shirt's not food."
  • Terry: Todd, can you pop in here? (closes the door)
  • Todd: This is my own fault. I should've kept up with introspections. (closes the door)
  • Terry: Craig, why don't you join us?